Zalena Carr

Meriwether Group team member Zalena Carr

Zalena is a master juggler of multiple roles, responsible in large part for keeping Meriwether Group companies running smoothly on a day-to-day basis. Zalena’s functions include finance, operations, accounting, taxes and scheduling—a juggernaut she executes with a calm energy that all of us count on to stay focused and we go about our work.

In addition to working with Meriwether Group, Zalena handles accounting, taxes and general administration for Meriwether Family Office. As we’ve added Meriwether Group Capital to our suite of businesses, Zalena has taken on the role of Fund Administrator, with all the financial responsibilities, as well as managing loan and investor accounts and ensuring that investor reports are issued in a timely manner.

Since assuming her current role, Zalena has brought a range of outsourced financial services in-house, streamlining the process and giving Meriwether Group’s partners an added measure of transparency and control. As a parent of two very active young children (occasional visitors to the office), Zalena is performing quite the balancing act, excelling at her career while attending to the needs and priorities of a young family.

Career highlights

  • Almost 8 years with Meriwether Group, starting as an intern and continuing to learn and develop into the role I have today.
  • Brought outsourced financial duties in-house for six of the Meriwether Group entities.
  • Assisted with starting and managing the loan administration duties for Meriwether Group Capital's Hero Fund.
  • Keep Meriwether Group running!

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