Consulting Services

We work with companies at all stages and of all sizes to grow brand value while increasing consumer loyalty and engagement. Using a collaborative approach, we take you through our proprietary North Star process to develop a customized roadmap to meet your company’s goals. Then we leverage our knowledge and connections to guide you on the path to success.

Meriwether Group consulting services

What we offer

Brand vision and go-to-market strategy

Our proprietary North Star process results in a strategic vision for your company that takes into account your industry’s competitive landscape, your brand differentiators, consumer behaviors and trends, and short-and long-term market opportunities that will become the foundation for future growth and success. With you, we create a vision for your brand and can build an integrated marketing strategy that includes website, PR and advertising to take you to the next stage.

Business planning and development

We work to grow your brand’s value by developing action plans and programs that are designed to create achievable, sustainable results and increased productivity and efficiencies within your timeline and budget. We work with you to develop effective tools that support your team’s initiatives and make sure you have the roadmap to reach your goals.

Strategic investment and leadership

Whether you have a vacancy in a critical role or just don’t have the bandwidth to take it on yourself, Meriwether Group will help you establish new initiatives, be by your side while making hard decisions and develop a strategy for implementation that matches your resources. As senior leaders, we know how to create the plan and execute it.

Licensing and collaborations

At Meriwether Group, we leverage our decades of experience to create meaningful, impactful connections between companies across many categories to create lasting brand partnerships and increase consumer loyalty and engagement.

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