Entrepreneurs are HEROES...

At Meriwether Group, we don’t use the word “hero” lightly. As an entrepreneur, you’re heeding the call to bring something new into the world. You’re building something that matters, doing something larger than yourself. The way we see it, that makes YOU a hero.

...and every Hero has a MENTOR

Skywalker had Obi-Wan. Frodo had Gandalf. You have US. As your mentor, we can help develop the additional tools that you need to make your journey successful, and while we can’t take the journey for you, we’ll walk with you every step of the way*.

*The Hero’s Journey Disclaimer:

Joseph Campbell’s monomyth, or the hero’s journey, is a basic pattern that its proponents argue is found in many narratives from around the world.

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As an entrepreneur*, you’re on your JOURNEY.

One filled with highs and lows, challenges and revelations, frustrations and breakthroughs.

It can be a perilous path, this journey to success, which is why you need the right support to help you along the way.

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On Your Journey,

You’re going to be presented with some tough choices…

What do

Meaningful Analytics OR Visionary Thinking?
Financial Success OR Positive Social Impact?
Professional OR Personal Fulfillment?

We Don’t Think You Should Have To Choose.

“OR” is a word that constrains and cuts options in half. It leads to indecision and second-guessing that stops some journeys before they ever get started.

At Meriwether Group,

Left Brain AND Right Brain
Analytics AND Artistry
Value AND Meaning

It’s an attitude we’ve embraced in our approach, which we call Whole-Brain Thinking.

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The Typical Brain

The human brain consists of some 100 billion cells, divided between a left and right hemisphere. The left side is sequential, logical and analytical. The right side is nonlinear, intuitive and holistic. We use both sides every day, but there’s a tendency to lean more heavily on one side or the other.

No longer are strong “left-brain” or “right-brain” capabilities enough for a business to flourish.

Today, both personal and professional success requires a whole new mind—one that excels at whole-brain thinking.

*Source: DANIEL H. PINK, New York Times bestseller, A Whole New Mind Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future.
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Whole Brain

At Meriwether Group, we bring whole-brain thinking to your endeavor, seamlessly toggling between analytics AND inspiration.

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Whole-brain thinking allows us to build a strong foundation for YOUR brand.

And it allows us to lead you to the most important part of your journey:

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Every story has one — that make-or-break moment where fate hangs in the balance and ultimately, the hero’s journey is fulfilled.

As your Mentor, we can guide you through this critical part of your journey because we’ve walked your path before. As fellow entrepreneurs and business managers, we know what it’s like to start with nothing but a vision and build it into an iconic brand; one that leaves a lasting legacy long after the journey is complete.

So not only will we help you recognize YOUR defining moment when it comes, we’ll help you seize it.

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Your journey has begun.

Let Us Be Your Guide.

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