Meriwether Group accelerates, lends, provides investment banking services and creates value for iconic, authentic and disruptive consumer brands.

We are a turnkey resource for founders and business leaders at every stage of their journeys, built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. 


Once upon a time, merchant banks were the engine that advised and grew businesses. That model inspired us to create a modern-day example, with a team of seasoned experts and operators offering business and brand acceleration, lending solutions and investment banking, all tailored for today’s competitive market. 

We don’t study business from afar. We’ve built, run, overseen P&L, grown and sold companies like yours.

We start where you are.

Are you ready to accelerate your business, creating a deeper connection with consumers and strengthening your brand equity?

Are you looking at a major investment or a full or partial exit from your business?

Do you need growth capital to deliver on opportunities?

Are you anticipating a significant liquidity event?

Can we help you with SBA lending or banking services? 



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