Our story

Based in Portland, Oregon, with a satellite office in San Francisco, Meriwether Group represents the spirit of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark’s journey of discovery along the Columbia River to the Pacific Ocean.

Meriwether Group our story

Ready to be your trusted guide

The route was full of uncertainty and challenges, but the explorers’ vision and unwavering commitment to their goal serves as modern-day inspiration for entrepreneurs and business leaders. Reflective of the many stages of a company’s growth, their journey demonstrates how the combination of courage, perseverance and adaptation can all lead to your defining moment. As seasoned operators, former entrepreneurs, executives, lawyers, and investment bankers, we're ready to be your trusted guides every step of the way.

Meriwether Group Portland, Oregon, office

Our approach

We're not your typical consultancy. We mix analytics and artistry to identify opportunities, amplify value and produce tangible results for your business. We embody the "power of &" to create meaningful impact and guide your success.

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