TK Komlofske

Meriwether Group team member TK Komlofske

TK is a proven strategic leader who values the authentic moments that elevate the human experience. She believes in the power of building long-term relationships by elevating the mission of the people we work with, the companies we work for and the communities we serve.

TK is a holistic thinker who considers the experience-impact of a proposed strategy alongside profitability and performance. She is a savvy conversationalist and researcher, naturally guiding discussions to uncover key points, understand barriers and areas of concern and tease out threads of importance. She specializes in the intersection of the customer journey, sales strategy, revenue operations, marketing, business analytics, program implementation and fiscal stability. Her work and experience span large enterprise organizations, mid-size companies and start-ups in action sports, gaming, apparel, media, outdoor and lifestyle brands.

TK thrives on a challenge and is achievement driven both professionally and personally. She’s a dedicated athlete, specializing in grappling arts and is a world champion Jiu Jitsu competitor.

Career highlights

  • 20 years in experience marketing to elevate brand recognition, educate on offerings and measure outcomes of campaigns.
  • Manage project budgets within +/- 2% of stipulated investment spend,
  • Surpassed annual sales growth goals year-over-year exceeding $3.7 million.
  • Identified, developed and aligned new customers for start-up tech firm, increasing client base by 50%.
  • Adjusted revenue operations to strengthen fiscal stability, ensuring sustainable growth and net margin performance.

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