Natalie Lane


With a keen eye for emerging opportunities and a passion for cultivating meaningful partnerships, Natalie brings a wealth of experience in guiding businesses to new heights. With a knack for understanding the intricate needs of clients and businesses alike, Natalie excels in navigating the dynamic landscape of growth and opportunity.

As a founder and entrepreneur, Natalie has honed her skills in turning opportunities into profitable ventures. Her strategic approach to business development goes beyond the traditional, focusing on building lasting relationships and elevating brand missions.

Natalie Lane is not just a business developer; she is a leader committed to driving growth, fostering meaningful connections, and making a lasting impact in the business world.

Career highlights

  • Developed successful partnerships with a variety of industry leaders such as the NFL, Honest Beauty, and Target.
  • Recognized as a top performer for surpassing annual sales growth goals and achieving an impressive 80% client retention rate.
  • Led effective marketing campaigns resulting in a 30% increase in sales and brand recognition within a year.
  • Advocate for gender equity and proudly serves on the Board for Push-Up Bra LA, a Los Angeles-based non-profit that supports women in music.

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