Kim Parker

Meriwether Group Partner Kim Parker

Kim is a world-class thinker with a deeply strategic mind and an unparalleled ability to execute concepts with great efficacy and integrity. Her approach is disciplined with a high level of empathy for our clients. Kim brings extensive experience working with leading brands to help clients think through and capitalize on opportunities while addressing and mitigating the challenges that they meet along the way.

Businesses of all sizes and all stages of growth experience benefit from Kim’s ability to delve into the complexities and nuances specific to their category and situation. In addition to her professional experience, Kim comes from a long line of entrepreneurs and is a lifelong and passionate learner, giving her a quick and intuitive understanding of each client’s business, goals and needs.

Over the course of her career, Kim has been instrumental in transforming multiple businesses. A few of her many achievements: While acting a VP of Womenswear Merchandising & Design at Pendleton Woolen Mills, Kim led significant organizational, structural and product offering changes to align with today’s consumer, helping a business with multiple challenges to grow and return to profitability. As Global Product Director for Women’s Training at Nike, Kim managed a $425 million global business, increasing style productivity by 58% and realizing growth for five consecutive seasons. At, as Senior VP of New Brands, Kim helped launch the brand’s first private label outerwear lines for men and women.

Career highlights

  • More than doubled the women’s sporting goods channel business and created the first brand ambassador and wear testing programs for Adidas America.
  • Gained a strong understanding of manufacturing while traveling the globe for Nike, Adidas and Pendleton (China, Japan, Peru, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore).
  • Acted as lead merchant responsible for launching apparel categories across multiple brands: Nike men’s active outerwear, Backcountry’s men’s and women’s outerwear, Oakley’s women’s swimwear, Nike Girls Basketball, Nike Boys and Girls Running and Adidas women’s compression category.
  • Finalist nominated for a global Nike Maxim Award for creating a category, sales and design featured presentation to an audience of over 500 leaders and peers. The presentation was shared by the SVP of Apparel across all global product categories worldwide.
  • Co-created Pendleton’s one brand strategy, then led Womenswear through restructuring and product overhaul.
  • Dedicated advocate and mentor. Served on the Women’s Center for Leadership board in three board seats over several years.

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