The Founder's Journey

One reviewer described David Howitt’s new book, Heed Your Call as “One part Deepak Chopra, one part Richard Branson, and one part Hunter S. Thompson.”


In this disruptive and meaningful manifesto, David weaves passion and purpose with entrepreneurship in a way that is raw and applicable to our modern lives. The book begins with David leaving his hometown of East Grand Rapids, Michigan to journey out west to Portland. Through his authentic humor, irreverence and shameless honesty, he shares his anticipation, sense of wonder, and fear of leaving everything he has ever known––a beautiful and intelligent girlfriend, a prestigious internship at a Chicago law firm, and all of his family and lifelong friends.


This raw and inspirational read is for the innovator whose creativity is stifled, the job hunter losing hope, the spiritual seeker afraid of financial success, and the professional who no longer feels connected and fulfilled.


Through telling his own story, along with those of other modern-day entrepreneurial heroes, David M. Howitt shares the principles behind his and others’ successes in eleven real-world lessons on how we can apply simple principles that help us weave business into our spiritual narratives and pour our souls into our professions. By uniting compassion and commerce, merging business with heart, we positively affect the way we live and the world around us. Through creative principles, experiences, and stories, we evolve from the radical integration of these so-called “disparate worlds”. We birth a new reality and through activation of these principles we build a road map for our future.



What Reviewers Have Said About Heed Your Call


"David’s book is a guide to show you how you can in fact heed your call—follow your passion—and live an abundant life. It will serve as a compass for navigating your very own revolution of consciousness so that you can evolve to your fullest potential, and by doing so, make the world a better place."

– John Perkins, New York Times best selling author, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man


"In the spirit of Joseph Campbell, David Howitt takes his readers on a Hero's Journey for the twenty-first century. This book is for anyone looking for reassurance and guidance as they seek to carve a unique, examined life out of this modern wilderness.”

Daniel H. Pink, author of To Sell Is Human and Drive


"David has unlocked the tools to truly 'heed my call.' As a career woman trying to balance a high pressure job with parenting two children, his constructs are invaluable and if followed, can dramatically support us in living our best lives––filled with love, material wealth, peace, and most importantly, fun. David's voice in Heed Your Call resonates deeply with me and will for all who are ready to take the journey.”

–Lara Spencer, co-anchor of Good Morning America, NY Times bestselling author of I Brake for Yard Sales, and creator, executive producer, and host of HGTV's Flea


"David Howitt believes your life and career should be a spiritual journey, not just a job. His remarkable new book weaves together myth, science, spirit and business as never before. Heed Your Call is gripping, irreverent, and relevant. Read this book. It will change your life.”

–John Kroger, President, Reed College

"Heed Your Call speaks to all of us. It challenges us to be authentic and complete. Written from the point of view of one modern-day hero and entrepreneur, this thoughtful book is a must read for all who are seeking a way to integrate happiness, purpose, and business.”

Clare Hamill, vice president, Nike Growth Initiatives and founding board chair for Children's Cancer Association

"The message David delivers in his new book is what I believe to be an example of the journey we are all toward creating a more soulful economy. His ability to infuse wisdom and wonder into the realm of business is exactly what is required to create a union between business, spirit, and philanthropy.”

–Donna Karan, fashion designer

"Using examples from his journey and those of others, David demonstrates the virtues of embracing and--analytics and intuition, empathy and facts, logic and story, art and science--in both your business and personal pursuits...The lessons, stories, and ideas that he shares in Heed Your Call to be meaningful and transcendent...something important is happening in this book that will ultimately empower us, individually and collectively, to meet the great challenges that lie ahead.”

–Steve Wynne, former CEO of Adidas America

"Reading Heed Your Call, I realize many of us have been too heedless in our pursuit of the American Dream. We need to pause and listen, and the first person we should listen to is David Howitt. As we tune in to others like him, we tune in to ourselves and can pursue our dreams more wisely. This is critical reading for entrepreneurs who want to integrate business, purpose, and authenticity for success.”

–John Howard, founder and CEO, Irving Place Capital

"Through a poignant interweaving of personal stories, professional anecdotes and mythological references, David Howitt holds up a megaphone to our inner voice, and illuminates why inside of us lies the Holy Grail of happiness. Heed Your Call is an honest, nurturing and inspiring inner travel guide for anyone on the road to discovering their highest purpose.”

–Cali Alpert, Supervising Producer, The Doctor Oz Show

"A truly rare and extraordinary book, filled with inspiration and practical wisdom. David Howitt is a gifted business adviser and entrepreneur who fully understands the importance of bringing deep empathy and intuition into our personal and professional lives.”

–Mark Robert Waldman, faculty, College of Business, Loyola Marymount University, and author of Words Can Change Your Brain

"David Howitt crystallizes the intuitive, demonstrating how tapping into the power within plugs us into the frequency of pure potential and guides us home to ourselves. Heed Your Call is an essential toolbox filled with insight, authenticity, truth, and wisdom––a gift toward your personal and professional transformation and to manifesting your true purpose.”

–Paulette Cole, CEO, ABC Carpet & Home



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