Pendleton is a true American icon, with over 150 years of tradition crafting woolens of the highest qualities in their own American mills.  Today Pendleton remains true to their roots, blending a passion for innovation with a strong commitment to quality, responsibility and sustainability. Pendleton’s desire to pivot their Womenswear business to sit alongside Home, Menswear and Accessories led to a multi-year partnership with Meriwether Group.  One of our core team members moved in-house to help them define their target consumers, recreate and streamline their product assortment, update their distribution strategy, restructure the Womenswear team and create a true ‘one brand’ experience for their customers across all retail platforms.

Meriwether’s brand connections and breadth of experience in leading licensing strategies and collaborations also helped Pendleton leverage its signature designs and unique fabrics to expand into new areas and partnerships.  Pendleton has enjoyed results from these partnership that have delivered joy to their customers and financial success to the company, not unlike what Meriwether has accomplished with multiple iconic brands, including Voodoo Doughnuts and Airstream.