KURE Juice Bar, founded in 2011, has been a hit since its food cart origins. Nate Higgins and Nick Armour, founders and friends, strive to create balance in life. KURE exemplifies their ethos through its menu and offerings, the physical stores, and the customers’ lives. KURE’s innovative methods, from its blended bowls and cold-pressed juices to its unique smartphone ordering, payment, and rewards app have upended the fresh juice market. Nick and Nate enlisted the support of Meriwether Accelerators to help them expand their product offerings, secure new distributions methods, and to provide general strategic business planning and a highly-developed growth plan during a period of rapid expansion. As part of our strategic partnership, we were able to provide KURE with creative debt financing allowing them to grow without giving up valuable equity. We can’t wait to try out their distinct vending machines with fresh juice blends!