If you’re a horseback rider, chances are that you own a pair of Kerrits riding breeches or tops. A passionate sportswoman, Kerri Kent founded and built the Hood River-based business, Kerrits, from the ground up and was able to expand it into a compelling lifestyle brand, with a fanatical consumer base. The Kerrits brand offers riders apparel with superior performance, fit, comfort and fashion. In order for Kerrits to capitalize on several exciting growth opportunities, Kerri engaged the Meriwether Group to run an efficient process to find a value-added private equity partner. In June 2017, Kerri formed a partnership with Tenth Avenue Commerce in New York, whose focus is on investing in authentic on-line brands. Kerri retained a significant ownership stake in the Company, and continues to drive the vision for growing the company.

The partnership with Tenth Avenue positions Kerrits to broaden its product portfolio, enhance its digital presence and expand its international presence. Having the relationship with Tenth Avenue provides the brand with the platform and capital to deliver even greater experiences to the riders who have made Kerrits a leader in the equestrian sports industry for over 30 years.

In addition to helping Kerri partner with Tenth Avenue, Meriwether was also able to connect her with Meriwether Family Office LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor. This places her with best-in-class third party investment managers who will continue to be her advocate post subsequent to her successful liquidity event.