Flavor Paper

In an industry filled with polka dots, stripes, and plainness, Flavor Paper stands out as a creative and disruptive maker of wallpaper. When Jon Sherman became the new owner and saved the company in the early 2000’s, he embarked on a mission to bring art and self-expression back to walls everywhere. Today, the Brooklyn-based company’s creations are featured in places like Dwell and Glamour magazines, designers’ homes, and countless personalized rooms around the world. Having brought wallpaper back in style, Flavor Paper has seen demand for its product take off. The managerial responsibilities that came with this growth, however, kept the team at Flavor Paper from their passion of bringing bold new art to your walls. Enter the Meriwether Group. Serving as an extension of the Flavor Paper management team, Meriwether Accelerators restructured their organization, established strategic goals, and built out a profitability model. Furthermore, we created an operations model that included processes and procedures from incoming prospect to shipment, and we identified holes within their organization and helped to fill these through the sourcing and hiring of critical leadership personnel. All in all, Meriwether let Sherman and his team get back in the studio to focus on their entrepreneurial journey.