Alma Chocolates is an artisan chocolate confectionary founded in 2005 in Portland, OR. Alma’s founder, Sarah Hart, launched the brand with the goal of offering consumers hand-crafted chocolate created with the highest quality ingredients. As Alma’s reputation boomed, so did the brand’s need to grow. Alma had achieved an impressive level of success with their SE 28th storefront as well as through their presence at the Portland Farmers Market, and felt ready to take their brand into larger markets and also focus new attention on wholesale growth. In order to jumpstart this part of their journey, Alma retained the Meriwether Group, who supported them with strategic business planning and built a fully integrated growth plan. Meriwether ruthlessly researched outsourcing manufacturers, identified new sales channels and forged a strong partnership with the proper distributor and also connected Alma to the iconic Pendleton Woolen Mills brand and executed an exciting collaboration between the two brands.