Airstream, founded in 1929 by Wally Byam, stands out as one of the world’s most iconic and aspirational brands. Airstream wanted to focus on brand-right, fun and unexpected collaborations, and to extend the brand reach through licensing partners. Meriwether Group was selected to help build those relationships. The first six months of this partnership have already yielded several new ventures for Airstream.

A collaboration with Pedego will launch an Airstream branded electric bike, encouraging consumers to broaden their travel experiences. Full Sail will develop innovative beers, with packaging that recalls Airstream’s unique look and feel. In addition, Full Sail will be hosting unique consumer experiences, events and promotions in a fleet of customized Airstreams. Covercraft will create a line of vehicle protection products specifically designed for Airstream.

These partnerships, as well as others currently in development, will allow both existing and want-to-be consumers to experience Airstream with new and exciting touchpoints.